Repair Services - Medical

Medical Repair Services

AES has been involved in the medical industry since our beginning in 1992, servicing our customer’s industrial and medical grade equipment. AES is well known for its industrial applications, surprising many that we have been servicing medical grade equipment for just as long. Our customer base includes medical vendors and hospital/patient-care facilities. On the medical grade equipment side, we currently offer repair, replacement parts, and equipment sales options.

We have over 20 years of experience with medical equipment repairs. We have testing equipment just for our medical repair customers such as; ultrasound machines, portable x-ray machines, and more. When you send in medical equipment to repair, we go the extra mile by having our highly skilled and trained engineering team develop test equipment. This ensures that our repair technicians can have equipment to successfully test your repairs to increase the quality of our work.


Medical Equipment Services

We have parts-finding ability to search the market place using an extensive network consisting of several thousand supply vendors. This network allows us to source replacement parts and repair options across 20+ modalities involving thousands of makes and models, consisting of hundreds of thousands of part numbers. We are able to beat our competitors pricing by as much as 20%-25% in most cases and sometimes even more. Trust AES with your medical equipment for repair.