Repair Services - Engineering

Engineering Repair Services

            At AES our engineering department creates solution-oriented designs to handle a wide variety of customer needs.  We have many solutions for modeling, analysis, system optimization, testing, prototyping, manufacturing, system intergration, reverse engineering for hardware and software, schematic capture and creation, gerber creation, CAD creation, redesign, new product design, test rig creation, automated test equipment, code disassembly, PLC programming, 3D printing, and circuit design.  Some of the tools we use include AutoCAD, MultiSim, Ultiboard, GCpreview plus, Labview, SolidWorks, and many others.  With these tools we can handle almost any file format you need.

Having a wide range of expertise and hands on experience with many different types of industrial and commercial electronic designs allows AES to develop unique and innovative ways to solve complex issues not just with electronics but complete systems in general.

Notice: AES does not perform any design work for medical devices.



Schematic capture/Creation Using industry standard tools we can create from scratch custom schematics or develop schematics that are needed to assist with a repair.
Gerber creation Aes can create gerber files for up to 16 layer boards with multiple level copper thicknesses.  We offer through hole, surface mount, ROHS, and many other board creation options.
Reverse engineering One of our specialty’s at AES is taking electronics with no information provided and creating the information we need to better understand and repair the item.  We can reverse engineer circuits and software to help better understand or re-create how an item operates.
Build of custom test rigs and procedures When a fully functional test for an item is needed we can build custom test rigs that can simulate the next higher assembly of a unit and fully test the item.  This comes in very useful when the actual next higher assembly is very large or just not an option for a full test.  With this method we can test the customers item to 100% and be sure of correct operation before the item is shipped.
PCB Design, Layout, build and test Using many industry standard tools we can create a new custom item or re-create an old and no longer available item.  Sometimes when something breaks beyond repair the only option is to upgrade, but at AES we can offer the option to make you a circuit board that functions just as the old one to get you back up and running.  If you just have an idea of something you want built to serve a certain purpose we can start from scratch and do that as well.
3d printing Some parts are no longer available or easily purchased in small quantities.  At AES we can draw and print your custom part in standard ABS plastic for fully functional use or for prototyping before going with a much more expensive molded part.
3d modeling and design With our 3d modeling software we can create and model any item you need in many industry standard formats.  Once we have created the files you need we can do large or small production of the parts drawn.
Microcontroller-Based systems Using a wide variety of microcontrollers from microchips PIC to Atmels AT MEGA we can design and develop a custom device or circuit to carry out whatever operation you need whether you are just controlling some I/O devices or controlling large current high voltage devices with multiple inputs.
Quoting for prototype and production We can quote making anything from 1 of to 1000’s of custom circuit cards and assemblies.
Fault finding and reliability analysis At AES we have the equipment necessary to do environmental and stress testing of devices to find those hard to diagnose intermittent problems.  We determine possible high failure items and complete preventative maintenance to help prevent problems before they occur.