Repair Services - Electronic

Advanced Electronic Services (AES) specializes in repairing all types of equipment from AC/DC drives, chart recorders, UPS and rectifiers, counters and timers, encoders, I/O modules, industrial controls, industrial monitors, PLC’s, power supplies, safety equipment, servo drives, soft starts and temperature controllers.  We can also repair many other types of electronic and electromechanical equipment, normally without any schematics or technical information. Whenever possible we utilize functional test methods that are similar to that of the manufacturer.

Our team of electronic engineers and technicians have the industry experience and technical knowledge necessary to provide a fast, reliable and cost effective alternative to the original equipment manufacturer.



AC/DC drives At AES we have the capability to functionally load test most any AC/DC drive.  With in-house test rigs and a large selection of motor sizes we can go from board level repair of a drive all the way to interfacing and fully running a motor attached to the drive under load.   ( list drives we have repaired)
UPS and rectifiers We can test UPS systems at full capacity under load to find those hard to create problems that others may miss.  With our industrial sized load simulators and monitoring equipment we can watch for sags and ripple that may only occur under a heavy load or during a power switch over.
counters and timers Not only do we have the capability to test and repair counters and timers but we can also create the harsh working environments that sometimes cause intermittent problems and run a functional test during these conditions.  Because of this we can help to eliminate environmental related failures.
encoders Due to the large variety of motors and drives we repair AES has seen a wide selection of encoders and resolvers and can functionally test just some of the following brands.  (list brands)
I/O modules When working with I/O modules we determine how to best toggle all possible inputs and outputs without damaging other circuitry to best functionally test the units.
PLC’s At AES we work on a wide variety of PLC’s.  We have custom test racks and programs to run and functionally test many brands of PLC’s.  (List PLC Brands)
power supplies From switching to linear supplies we have the capabilities to test one of supplies or build a custom rig to test I/O controlled supplies.  Supplies are load tested and can be environmentally tested to eliminate intermittent problems.
servo drives AES repairs and services a wide variety of servo drives from Allen-Bradley, Indramat, Siemens, Lenze, Parker, CMC, AC Tech, Kollmorgen, Moog, and etc….