AES Acquires Florida Based Company – Regulator Control Repair

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A.E.S. acquires Florida company


By Andy Winemiller –


Gordon Reeves works on electronics at A.E.S.

Tony Lowe works in the mechanical shop at A.E.S.

A Mount Airy firm continued its growth with the recent acquisition of a Florida company.
In March, Advanced Electronic Solutions Inc. purchased Chrystal River, a Florida-based Regulator Control Repair, according to a written statement from A.E.S.According to the statement, Regulator Control Repair performs regulator and recloser repairs for utility companies throughout the United States. It also has a large inventory of regulators and reclosers available for purchase.

“A.E.S. does not currently provide regulator control repair for our customers, and we are thrilled to be able to add this service to our portfolio to better serve our customers here in the U.S. and around the world,” noted the company.

A.E.S. was founded in 1992 in Mount Airy, according to A.E.S. Financial Coordinator Nicholas Cooke. Two people fixed electronics in a small building. Now A.E.S. employs more than 130 people at its 90,000 square feet facility on Technology Lane.

The electronics repair business has continued to grow throughout the company’s 25 years in business, and the company has also serviced Kodak printers for a number of years, according to Cooke. The company also eventually branched into the business of repairing mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

The firm’s most recent expansion prior to the purchase of Regulator Control Repair began with the new year.

In February, A.E.S. announced it would soon offer two new lines of services and products. It is adding a division which services the power modules used to turn solar energy into electricity, and it is devoting a new section of the company to testing circuit boards used in windmills.

The company will also begin to produce charging stations for electric automobiles. According to Cooke, those expansion efforts will create 11 new jobs for locals.

The acquisition of Regulator Control Repair could create more jobs for local residents, as the operations of the company will be moving to Mount Airy.

“Since the (Florida) facility is small in size, we are moving the company into our current facility at 101 Technology Lane in Mount Airy,” states the press release. “Once the equipment has been moved to our facility and setup, all items previously repaired in Florida will come to A.E.S. in Mount Airy.”

According to A.E.S., its engineering and electronics repair teams were in Florida training with Regulator Control Repair representatives in March. By April 17, A.E.S. plans to have all of the former Florida-based company’s operations housed in Mount Airy.

“We are very excited about this new addition to our company and are exploring additional growth opportunities for the near future,” said the company by way of the statement. “We are rapidly growing and expanding every day.”

According to A.E.S., the company’s revenues are already 20 percent greater than they were at the same point in time in 2016.