About Us

employeesAES is not a traditional company, and we don’t anticipate becoming one. Yes, we share features with other industrial equipment repair organizations – a focus on prompt, reliable repairs and competitive pricing – but even as we continue to grow, we’re committed to retaining a small company feel with large company capabilities.

Many things have changed since AES first began repairing electronic circuit boards in 1992. We have grown and expanded our services from only repairing industrial electronics to now providing industrial electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and motor repair services as well as equipment sales, logistics, vendor managed inventory and on-site repair services. While many things have changed, some things haven’t: our commitment to our customers, employees and community; a foundation of technical expertise and innovation; and the privilege to serve a diverse base of leading industries.

At AES we know that every repair is important, and that every repair is integral to your company’s success. If you have an industrial repair need in your company, we’d like an opportunity to show you how exceptional AES really is.